University of Hamburg / 2016 - now / M.Sc. Information Systems
University of Kiel / 2013 - 2016 / B.Sc. Information Systems
Stormarnschule Ahrensburg 2003-2012 / Abitur


white label eCommerce / 10.2016 - now / Full Stack Web Developer
Protofy / 02.2016 - 08.2016 / Bachelor theis
Adiwidjaja Teamworks / 2011 - 2015 / Junior Consultant
psX Technology / 03.2013 - 04.2014 - Web Developer


JavaScript, Node.js, Typescript, React, Vue.js, PHP, Laravel, SQL, MongoDB, Python, HTML5, CSS, SASS, npm, git

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Bernd Strehl
Rosenweg 53a
22926 Ahrensburg

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Recruiter FAQ

Q: Are you interested in working for my company/client?
A: It depends. Please read the questions below, that apply to your offer.

Q: Do you want to work as a developer?
A: No, I like to work with code, but full time coding is not what I want. Positions with some level of coding are fine, like SRE or Software (Infrastructure) Architect.

Q: Do you want to work as a consultant?
A: Maybe. If this involves living in a hotel 5 days a week, working more than 40 hours regularly or only projects on digitalisation of banks/insurance companies, then no.

Q: What role do you want to work in?
A: Anything software related, that is not full time coding. I'd prefer a role with personnel responsibility. Good examples are: SRE, Scrum Master, Software Architect, IT Project Manager and IT Consultant in some cases.

Q: Will you work with [programming language]?
A: Please see the CV link for a reference on my stack. Generally, I'm able to pick up any language in some time. Programming concepts are mostly identical across different languages.

Q: Do you have experience with [technology that costs 100k and is only relevant in big software architectures]?
A: High chances no. (There is no way to learn this at home.) But I'm familiar with most concepts and I know where to find the documentation.

Q: When do you want to start working?
A: I'll presumedly finish my master's degree in October 2018, so that would be a good time to start.

Q: How are your grades?
A: Honestly I don't care. I hardly spend time on achieving good grades. I prefer to use my time to learn things, that are relevant. But if you care: It will be at 1.x in the end.

Q: We have free drinks, bean bags and table soccer. Also we are the coolest company ever!
A: Cool. Every company claims to be the coolest. I prefer an interesting job, though.

Q: Can you speak/write/understand english?
A: No, obviously.* 😉